Abiding Grace Christian Church
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Abiding Grace Christian Church

  Church History

Formerly, First Filipino Baptist Church of Pembroke Pines

& Filipino American Christian Church of South Florida.

The ministry of our church was started on June 27th, 1993.

Through the guidance of Reverend James Washer, Pastor of the former First Baptist Church of Ojus in North Miami Beach, seven families consisting of fourteen adults and five children committed themselves to reach out to the Filipino Americans in the Pembroke Pines area as there was a great influx, at the time, of Filipinos coming to the states in need to hear the gospel and to find a church they could call home.

A Church Council was formed and three Pastors helped for 11 years in the development of the young church family. Since then, this Christian family has been reaching the others with the Gospel of Christ through radio, visitation, home based Bible studies and evangelistic events.

We have supported mission churches as well as independent churches in the Philippines including a private Christian school in a church in Calaca, Batangas, Philippines and sponsored students of the Bible called to be Pastors. We have also been blessed to have a large portion of our congregants in the healthcare field and have been given the opportunity to host Medical Mission trips to various town in the Philippines like Pangasinan and Montalban and recently joined forces with Atlantic Baptist Church to bring the gospel, VBS and healthcare to the friendly people of Big Corn Island in Nicaragua. We pray and plan for future opportunities to bring the gospel through the gift of healthcare to other places in the world.

At the end of 2015,

Abiding Grace Christian Church has entered a new season led by Pastor Fred Newlin and with the help and direction of God, He is leading our church to become a family of believers with purpose and a vision. A vision to share the good news of Jesus Christ with every person we come in contact with & leading them down the path to grow in faith and ministry as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In August of 2019, we welcomed Amaury Rodriguez as our new worship leader.

In the future we are planning a Medical Mission Trip to the Philippines for 2021.